Enjoy a gastronomic bike tour adventure in Jakarta

Eat & Stroll is a culinary bike tour in Jakarta. One of the hidden gems of the tour is a quaint coffee shop located in the Batavia Pantai Indah Kapuk area called Rumah Kopi Papowi. In addition to offering coffee, the place also serves Chinese & Indonesian comfort foods, including the owner’s personal favorites. 

Embark on a bike tour and become enthralled in this gastronomic love affair, where you will experience a mouth-watering food adventure to uncover the culinary secrets of Pantai Indah Kapuk such as the famous recipe of the nasi goreng – a traditional fried rice dish – and its surroundings.

You will meet the 3 generations of owners, Akong, Papa and Owi, the little boy who likes to help his father and his grandfather by making the drinks or finishing the doughnuts stock.