Meet with a local brewer in the French Alps

Brasserie Caquot was born from the desire of two brothers, Antoine and Baptiste, to challenge themselves by creating their own craft brewery with a culinary vision.

In a little village called Saint-Ours, they gave birth to their first “Ours” beers: the golden blond, the white, and then the Verveine (verbena). After a few years, they settled near the Domaine de Marlioz to professionalize and to share their expertise and awaken your senses through the art of tasting.

This experience immerses you in a sensory beer tasting. First, listen to the unique sound of fizz. Next, observe the clear colors and beautiful, ephemeral white foam that adorn the glass. Then breathe in the evolving aromas, from initial perfume to rich cereal notes, as the glass empties. Finally, savor the subtlety and elegant balance of each sip.