Taste local products at a French oyster farm in Rochefort, near the Atlantic Ocean

Since 1990, Philippe and Julie Menadier have been oyster-farming in the Seudre swamps near Marennes and the Ile d’Oléron. In 2020, the Menadier family inaugurated a magnificent tasting hut at the heart of their farm, enabling them to share their passion for oyster-farming, which punctuates their daily routine.

The quality of their Label Rouge products and their way to do this job with passion have strengthened the reputation of these independent producers over the years.

Come and discover this tasting hut and enjoy Philippe and Julie’s oysters. The hut offers also shrimps and mussels, so you have a wide array of options to try fresh produce direct from the sea. It’s an excellent opportunity to enter Philippe and Julie’s world, rich in experience, who are always happy to share their anecdotes and their passion for this craft.