Try Japanese Hida Wagyu grilled beef 

Located next to Mercure Hida Takayama, Ajikura Tengoku is a Yakiniku restaurant beloved by both locals and tourists. To fit with the Yakiniku tradition, the restaurant uses traditional Japanese methods, by cooking meat and vegetables over charcoal. Ajikura Tengoku restaurant exclusively uses the finest beef, meticulously raised by local cattle farmers to serve premium cuts of Hida Wagyu beef in the restaurant.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet Ajikura, the chef, who cooks wagyu which is produced by Hayato Yamamura of Yamayu Livestock. Ajikura works closely with Hayato, an award-winning farmer responsible for the splendid Hida cattle carefully raised throughout the entire process, from breeding to nurturing.

You’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at Ajikura Tengoku, tasting the finest meat, carefully prepared using traditional Japanese methods.