Discover traditional Brazilian dishes in the center of Belo Horizonte

You can’t got to Belo Horizonte without visiting the central market. A must-see for all natives of the region, this market is home to numerous “botecos” which are typical, traditional restaurants, which are key in the Brazilian culinary scene. One of the best in Belo Horizonte is Casa Cheia, Maria Nazaré de Jesus’ family restaurant, where a variety of typical dishes are served in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. 

This experience immerses you in traditional Brazilian cuisine. In the heart of the central market, you’ll meet Maria’s children, who took over Casa Cheia a few years ago. You’ll discover the diversity of the menu, which includes Feijão tropeiro, a version of the Feijoada, the national dish, made with red beans, farofa (grilled cassava flour) and dried meat.