Live a Bordeaux wine tasting experience in the dark

Wine in black is an original concept offered by Château Pas de L’Âne, known as Oenanimb in Saint-Emilion. This iconic and beautiful château is located in the heart of the world-famous French vineyards, near Bordeaux. In this experience, Château Pas de l’Âne invites you to explore a new way of tasting wines, depriving you of your sight.

With a mask over your eyes, you will be immersed in darkness to enjoy a sensorial  experience. You’ll discover different terroirs, learn about the wine-making process, from harvesting to maturing, and gain many other insights.

Afterwards, you will take part in a tasting of the Saint-Emilion Grands Crus, which will be accompanied by chocolates. It’s an original journey in which you will taste, explore, warm up, feel and learn about wine in a delightful and engaging way.