Get inspired by a multi-cultural organic restaurant in Cherbourg, France

When he created his business, Laurent Porée did not want to open only a restaurant, but rather a place of discussion where everyone can feel like they’re home. The name “Canteen of Babel” which evokes large tables where you can discuss and share a meal, refers to the story of the Tower of Babel, a mythical tower renowned for being a place where everyone was warmly welcomed, which was very important for Laurent. 

Since its creation in 2017, La Cantine de Babel has strived to be environmentally friendly, promoting the local economy, being anti-waste. That’s why the chef only uses local produce from the Manche as well as from the Calvados, the neighboring region.  

Every week, you can discover a new, almost completely vegetarian menu. The chef prepares all his dishes with local and seasonal produce to offer you a gourmet and original meal. For example, you’ll find dishes based on bulgur, sweet potato or rhubarb.