Meet with a French Pyrenean sheperd and try his products

Come and meet Alexis Jammes and experience transhumance – moving sheep from one pasture to another to provide better conditions for the flock depending on the season – as if you were a shepherd. At 27, Alexis lives in the mountains, always surrounded by his flock of sheep.

He settled in the Aure and Louron valley which are, for him, a real point of reference. He keeps a breed of meat sheep that are famous for their exceptional quality and better traceability thanks to the numerous Pyrenean farms.

With hiking sticks in hand, come and discover this traditional craft, guided by Alexis, who knows the valley better than anyone! Engage in a conversation with Alexis to discover his passion during an active hike amidst the breathtaking landscape.   You will be captivated by his daily routine and have the opportunity to savor a delicious traditional meal prepared with sheep-based products.