Try traditional French mirabelle plum in the heart of Metz

Mélanie Demange is considered as “mother” of the Mirabelle Plum in the region. Mélanie became involved in the agricultural world at a very young age and, at 21, she crossed paths with Mr. Maucourt, who opened the doors for her to take over his family business.

Today, even though some ancient techniques have been replaced by machines, Mélanie remains deeply committed to traditional orchards and methods.

You are invited to explore La Distillerie de Mélanie, the flagship store located in the city of Metz. Visiting  the shop is a fascinating experience where you can learn a lot about the traditional Mirabelle Plum. A second shop is in Marieulles Vezon, where you can discover the process to create Mirabelle products. After all, what would be a stay in Lorraine if you didn’t get to try Melanie’s Mirabelle liquor?