Visit a cereal farm near Paris and make your own pasta with fresh semolina

After a year of looking for ways to improve his business, in 2017 Martial Machaudon decided to transform the family wheat farm into an artisan dry pasta factory, aiming to rediscover the natural flavors of cereals in his products.

Through his 17 hectares of sustainable agriculture, Martial wants to work with respect for the environment. Clay-limestone soils and his expertise enable him to grow durum wheat and give his dry pasta a unique, flavorful taste. 

In this experience, you will embark on a tour of his fields, during which Martial will explain the harvesting process and share his knowledge about transforming wheat into semolina. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the workshop to cook your own pasta. After the workshop, a lunch will be organized at the farm where you can enjoy the pasta you’ve prepared. You can’t get more “farm-to-table” than that.