Discover a family brewery in Sydney & have a waterfront dinner in famous Manly 

“For over 15 years, Manly has seen many establishments open and close, but some have become essential to the local life. One of them is Dad & Daves brewery, an extraordinary family venture which stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of kinship and the pursuit of crafting exceptional beer experiences, resulting in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Another is Hugo Manly, which is also a must for foodies. With a breathtaking view, this restaurant will tell you the stories of the city through every dish and cocktail.

Take a day to explore Manly and visit Dad & Daves. Enjoy an enlightening tour of the brewery and indulge in the rhythms of live music while indulging in the mouth-watering flavors of burgers served up by Dad & Dave’s food truck.

Then, after an afternoon at the beach, you will continue your journey by discovering the one and only Hugo Manly, where you’ll savor an unforgettable sunset dinner, indulging in the masterpieces of contemporary Italian cuisine,  cooked with locally sourced ingredients.”