Blend your own Indonesian coffee in Tangerang 

Kopi Kebon Kita offers a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing coffee enthusiasts to delve into the art of blending their own personalized coffee flavors, guided by expert baristas. Whether you prefer a bold and robust flavor or a smooth and delicate taste, this workshop at Kopi Kebon Kita provides a unique platform to craft the perfect cup of coffee tailored to your preferences.

You will have the opportunity to learn about different local coffee beans, understand their distinct characteristics, and experiment with various ratios to create your own signature blend. With the serene atmosphere of the garden setting and the experience of Kopi Kebon, you will be in the perfect environment to explore your creativity and refine your coffee palate.

This three-steps workshop begins with a tasting, followed by the creation of your blend, and concludes with tasting your own coffee alongside some snacks.