Make your own paella, respecting true Spanish tradition, in Benidorm​

In the heart of Benidorm, a local Valencian rice producer has settled. Molino Roca is a restaurant in which many traditional recipes are prepared every day by passionate chefs and experts of local recipes. Every day, they make their famous paella in the purest Valencian style.

You will attend a workshop that will allow you to discover all the secrets behind cooking the authentic Valencian paella. You will also have the opportunity to taste traditional wines and learn the recipe for sangria, a traditional cocktail made with red or white wine and fruits.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to taste your creations. You will leave Molino Roca as experts in local gastronomy and enlightened by the precious advice of the chefs.

Visit a Galician farm and learn the traditional way of making cheese in Lugo, Spain

The Arqueixal farm was born from an idea 25 years ago. In order to preserve the traditional way of life and production, a local family decided to renovate their farm located in  the heart of Galicia.

They now produce, thanks to the milk of the 35 cows of their herd, two types of cheeses and a yogurt combining ancestral traditions and respect for the environment. You will visit the hamlet in which the Arqueixal farm is located and take the opportunity to prepare your own cheese.

You will have the opportunity to discover the traditional methods used by the farm while listening to the stories and customs of the region. Finally, take a walk around the farm to identify various aromatic plants.

Go on a journey to discover traditional Basque cider in San Sebastian, Spain

The Basque country is renowned for its many traditions, culture, identity and cider. Located in Astigarraga, near San Sebastian, Sagardoetxea is a cider museum where the local traditional beverage is made with fermented apples. This is also the perfect place to learn more about the history and curiosities of traditional Basque cider culture.

Start your experience with a tour of the apple orchards to learn more about the different varieties, how to pick and process them. Then, visit the Cider Museum to learn about its history & culture and discover some secrets behind the production.

Finally, end your day with a cider tasting accompanied by traditional dishes such as a salted cod omelette or quince cheese with walnuts.