Visit a Thai fishing village and meet an 80 years old Koh Samui fisherman

Culture and nature in Koh Samui have always been connected. The Bophut fisherman village is a must-visit destination, renowned as the most beautiful village on the island, still maintaining its old wooden house with the original structures.

Every weekend, the area transforms into a large and lively night market, offering a great opportunity to shop for unique gifts, and daily fresh fishes from Samui shore or simply soak up the atmosphere while enjoying live music and performances. In addition, near the market, a lot of restaurants, such as Auan Tai, provide some of the freshest seafood you could find.

You will have the chance to meet Mr. Arwae Lermae, an 80-year-old native of Koh Samui, who grew up with the original fisherman way of life. With his expertise, he doesn’t rely on modern technologies and rejects commercial fishing due to its significant negative impact. He shares his knowledge to promote and support local fishing communities. You will also savor a tasting at “Auan Tai” restaurant, which offers an authentic “from sea to table” menu.