Discover the benefits of Indonesian medicinal plants and make traditional Jamu in Jakarta

In Indonesia, herbal medicine has been seen, from generation to generation, as a traditional way to improve people’s quality of life. This is also Jony Yuwono’s belief, who is the founder of Acaraki. Acaraki is a place which specializes in making Jamu, a juice made from several medicinal plants authentic to the island of Java. 

Come and witness the making of Jamu, the recipe for which has been handed down from mother to daughter. While all Jamus contain the same ingredients (turmeric and ginger), the taste depends on each recipe, and you will discover that each Jamu has its own character. The one you’ll be making in this workshop is made out of coffee harvested in West Java, on the local Bogor farm.

As you make your juice, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the stories of the hosts, who will be delighted to pass on their expertise to you. Afterwards, you will be able to taste your own Jamu and give your body a boost.

Enjoy a gastronomic bike tour adventure in Jakarta

Eat & Stroll is a culinary bike tour in Jakarta. One of the hidden gems of the tour is a quaint coffee shop located in the Batavia Pantai Indah Kapuk area called Rumah Kopi Papowi. In addition to offering coffee, the place also serves Chinese & Indonesian comfort foods, including the owner’s personal favorites. 

Embark on a bike tour and become enthralled in this gastronomic love affair, where you will experience a mouth-watering food adventure to uncover the culinary secrets of Pantai Indah Kapuk such as the famous recipe of the nasi goreng – a traditional fried rice dish – and its surroundings.

You will meet the 3 generations of owners, Akong, Papa and Owi, the little boy who likes to help his father and his grandfather by making the drinks or finishing the doughnuts stock.