Meet with a local brewer in the French Alps

Brasserie Caquot was born from the desire of two brothers, Antoine and Baptiste, to challenge themselves by creating their own craft brewery with a culinary vision.

In a little village called Saint-Ours, they gave birth to their first “Ours” beers: the golden blond, the white, and then the Verveine (verbena). After a few years, they settled near the Domaine de Marlioz to professionalize and to share their expertise and awaken your senses through the art of tasting.

This experience immerses you in a sensory beer tasting. First, listen to the unique sound of fizz. Next, observe the clear colors and beautiful, ephemeral white foam that adorn the glass. Then breathe in the evolving aromas, from initial perfume to rich cereal notes, as the glass empties. Finally, savor the subtlety and elegant balance of each sip.

Discover the French apéritif with a breathtaking view over Avignon

At the summit of the Dignitaries’s tower, offering a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings, Maison Brémond warmly welcomes guests to have an apéritif infused with the flavors of the South.

Nestled in Avignon, you will be at an ideal spot to gaze upon the Pont d’Avignon while feeling the mistral breeze along the banks of the Rhône. Maison Brémond is the perfect delicatessen store to discover some beloved Provencal products, curated by Malaise Guigon, the boutique’s owner. 

Embark on an immersive romantic apéritif journey from the heart of the Palais des Papes, the largest Gothic building in Europe. Amidst toast drizzled with local olive oil, artisanal terrine, lavender flowers, câlissons, and nougats, you will discover the traditional flavors of Provence. To accompany this apéritif, you will have the opportunity to savor a local wine, curated by Thibault Seignon, an Avignon sommelier.

Visit a Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyard and have a wine tasting in France Rhone Valley

It all began in 1898, when the Bouachon family settled in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and began to develop their cooper business for the region’s winemakers. After a few years spent learning how to make the best wine, the family decided to fill their barrels with their own beverages. Pavillon Bouachon was born!

Off the beaten track, explore Pavillon Bouachon vineyard in a vintage 2CV car, so you can live a gustatory, sporty, and unique experience in Châteauneuf  du Pape. Leaving from the Pavillon Bouachon, head to the Papes vineyard to discover the very essence of the origins of wine. Then, you will end your journey by tasting the Pavillon’s beautiful wines.

Live a Bordeaux wine tasting experience in the dark

Wine in black is an original concept offered by Château Pas de L’Âne, known as Oenanimb in Saint-Emilion. This iconic and beautiful château is located in the heart of the world-famous French vineyards, near Bordeaux. In this experience, Château Pas de l’Âne invites you to explore a new way of tasting wines, depriving you of your sight.

With a mask over your eyes, you will be immersed in darkness to enjoy a sensorial  experience. You’ll discover different terroirs, learn about the wine-making process, from harvesting to maturing, and gain many other insights.

Afterwards, you will take part in a tasting of the Saint-Emilion Grands Crus, which will be accompanied by chocolates. It’s an original journey in which you will taste, explore, warm up, feel and learn about wine in a delightful and engaging way.

Have a French picnic in an exquisite vegetable garden adjacent to the Château de Chantilly

Au Coeur du Malt is a French independent brewery. Their beers are crafted by a master brewer with the ability to create recipes using top-quality hop and malt. The brewery strives to reinvent and share its passion for artisanal beer, which has become a refined delicacy, perfect for tasting and enjoyment.

Come and meet these passionate craft brewers: they will warmly welcome you, introducing their products and offering advice for various culinary pairings.

Then, treat yourself to a beer served from their beer truck, often set up in charming and unusual locations such as the vegetable garden of the Princes, an exceptional place perfectly reflecting the chic and bucolic side of Chantilly, known for its beautiful castle.

Get inspired by a multi-cultural organic restaurant in Cherbourg, France

When he created his business, Laurent Porée did not want to open only a restaurant, but rather a place of discussion where everyone can feel like they’re home. The name “Canteen of Babel” which evokes large tables where you can discuss and share a meal, refers to the story of the Tower of Babel, a mythical tower renowned for being a place where everyone was warmly welcomed, which was very important for Laurent. 

Since its creation in 2017, La Cantine de Babel has strived to be environmentally friendly, promoting the local economy, being anti-waste. That’s why the chef only uses local produce from the Manche as well as from the Calvados, the neighboring region.  

Every week, you can discover a new, almost completely vegetarian menu. The chef prepares all his dishes with local and seasonal produce to offer you a gourmet and original meal. For example, you’ll find dishes based on bulgur, sweet potato or rhubarb.

Embark on a sailboat trip in Dunkirk and enjoy an ocean-inspired French apéritif

Just steps away from Mercure Dunkerque, right on the marina, meet Christophe Patou, a native from the region and a sailor with 25 years of experience. He’ll be your guide on this experience to share his passion for the North Sea, its vibrant colors, captivating contrasts, and hidden treasures.

Prepare for a voyage filled with the sailor’s anecdotes, historical insights about the harbor of Dunkirk, and a lot of information about the city and all its enigmatic secrets. You’ll board the Snitch, his boat, and set sail for a journey of pleasures.

After your nautical exploration, immerse yourselves into a sea-infused apéritif, savoring locally caught fishes, seasonal products, while upholding eco-friendly practices. Throughout your journey, you’ll be fully immersed in the captivating atmosphere of Dunkirk.

Pick your own seaweed and learn how to cook it in French Atlantic Ocean town of La Baule

There’s no one more passionate about the presqu’île de Guérande than Jean-Marie Pedron.  This is precisely why he established the Ferme Marine at Le Croisic on the site of the old family saltworks, which has been nourished by the sea for over 500 years. At the Ferme Marine, Jean-Marie and his wife Valérie raise and harvest edible algae, which they supply to renowned chefs across France.

During this experience, you’ll join Jean-Marie for a tour of the marine farm, and you will have the chance to harvest seaweed yourself.

Then you’ll join Valérie for a cooking workshop that focuses on local, natural and 100% wild algae products. You’ll make her favourite recipe, seaweed caviar, which mixes different raw algae to make a spread that bursts with sea flavors.

Visit an edible flowers farm in French town near the Atlantic Ocean coast

Les Jardins de Pauline 85, located in Coëx, Vendée, is a human-scale agricultural endeavor dedicated to the cultivation of organic edible flowers and fresh herbs. Since its creation, the garden has gained recognition that extends beyond the borders of Vendée. Pauline and Nathalie work together to provide edible flowers to chefs and individuals all around the country.

Pauline and Nathalie will introduce you to the flavors of aromatic plants and edible flowers. Immerse your senses in the heart of some 40 carefully cultivated varieties of edible flowers and take this opportunity to discover these delicious blooms more specifically.

Pauline 85’s garden offers a range of activities, including visits, conferences, workshops, and other events to help you discover the world of fresh edible flowers, their unique flavors, and their fragrances. You’ll be enchanted by this garden, labeled “Bienvenue à la Ferme”. This label recognizes the high quality of the products and the warm welcome of the guests while highlighting an agriculture respectful of the environment.

Visit a French family brewery in Lille and taste some beers

The Motte-Cordonnier name has been renowned in the North of France for 10 generations. Indeed, this family has always been involved in the region’s brewing scene. That’s why Henry recently got his family together to give new life to the Motte Cordonnier brewery.

And their first beer, René, was recently launched. Its name pays tribute to their great-grandfather, who built the Armentières, an ancient brewery that was destroyed during the First World War.     

Come and visit this family-run business, where every member is working to give their name a new meaning in the world of brewing. You’ll have the chance to discover their best-seller René, a gold medal-winning beer at the France-Bière challenge. You may also be lucky enough to discover their future beers – Emile, Camille and Fernand.